Can our band play Sweet by Sweet Time? 

Short answer: maybe. 

Long answer: If I've heard of your band and we've done shows together, your chances are high. I like to think of SXST as a celebration of all the hard work we've all put into making rock n roll a thing here in Nashville. Sort of a weekend of back pats for a job well done. 


What's the best way to get on next year's fest?

Play some shows that I book throughout the year. Say "yes" to a show I'm booking so we can work together and have some fun. I'm always looking for great bands to support the touring acts coming through town. Also, rule. 


Is Sweet by Sweet Time all ages? 

Unfortunately for the night time shows, no, but the day show is always all ages! I'm working hard to try to figure out a fully all ages solution for next year's fest. 


Is there still room on this year's fest?

If you're reading this there is likely no room left. I start getting things together for SXST in February & March and usually have slots filled by April. Feel free to still put your name in the hat, though, because cancellations do happen and slots open up. 


How can I get involved?

Whether you're jumping in and hanging some posters around town, signing on as a sponsor, or something in between, I can always use some extra hands when it comes to promotion. If you wanna know more or have some ideas about how you can pitch in please get in touch.